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First Meet

We meet. Virtual or in-person, we are open to meet using your preferred method. Your organization and Niikaan Studio sign an agreement of sorts for us to be open and discuss the needs and wants. Some call it a non-disclosure agreement. This agreement speaks to our seriousness and conditions for a no-charge consultation.


We must learn about each othe. What does your outfit need? What does it want? To sell something? To have people become aware of an all important fact, service, program, opportunity? In this step of our approach, we identify what the problem is so we can develop an effective answer.


Who are you? Who are the people that make up your organization? Many other questions are asked to fully understand your organization. The more perspectives recognized and documented, the more definition we have to see opportunites that may help in meeting the needs and wants of your important people and organization.


We note the nuances found during the research stage that should be included as part of the project. The process reveals tangible and intangible elements about your organization rooted in colour, expressions, shape, texture, tone, and character. We use these elements to refine a brand image for your organization.


By the stage in the process, the client will have own a Brand Image as defined by Niikaan Studio, a Mood Board, a selection of Colour Palettes, a vectorized Logomark and or Logotype, and a few other resources that would only serve the client organization, its people, and brand. Showcasing our findings and the directions we believe the project should take are presented to you the client. At this checkpoint, the client may approve the direction Niikaan Studio is heading. If need be, the client may direct us cut what they believe is not required. The studio will review the cuts and may or may not agree with the client. From this step Niikaan Studio moves on the design phase.


This stage is the reason why we love this industry. The research and development stages are the critical steps to building relevant and impactful design. This is the methedology to move hearts and minds—it's purpose is for effective and efficient design.


The client organization and Niikaan Studio sit down and take in all of the solution. Together, we review copy, Niikaan Studio works with a proof reader. With a thorough review, and after there are any changes required are made, the project is ready to be put through its paces in implementation.


Print projects first drafts are printed, websites and webpages are populated with content, style guides are defined, socia media graphic drafts are exported, the project is ready to go for final approval.


We are almost done. Before the presses run, one final quality check is made, one more copy review is made, visuals are reviewed, the work Niikaan Studio generated is approved by the client, changes are made if need be.


All project files are ready to be sent to printers, publishers, social media account managers, and other delivery systems. All that is required is a signed objectives met and a final payment. Niikaan Studio is a business, it is simple at that.

“Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.”

— Paul Rand

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