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Looking good feels good, right? Feeling good also puts a smile on peoples faces. And when we feel good, we also have a smile on our face. Feeling good may also radiate approachability.

How does approachability look for graphic design, web design, photography, and communications? Well, I think we can talk about that.


Dressing for the occasion is important. Heading out for some land-based activity or traveling to a sun-treating location, we must be equipped with the attire that best suits the situation. What is the dresscode for your marketplace? Are you dressing in a classic sense? Are you a seasoned solution dressing to impress the client, or show-up your competition? Is your business presenting its best line, effectiveness, efficiencies? There are many ways impact your organization's existence for the better.

Choice of words

"A pristine forest, flowing with crystal clear spring water, teeming with life and sights only seen by few, is the experience of a life time—it is waiting for you."

"A land that our ancestors benefited from; it provided our people sustenance and protection. It must be protected for our children, grandchildren—our future."

The two sentences above are reference to the same land carved by a creek. Only so many small-medium enterprises and or socially responsible socioeconomic development organizations have the time, energy, tools, and expertise to implement effective and efficient words. Choosing the right words to incite attention, interest, desire, and action is a skill that can change the landscape of possibility. Words are powerful elements of communication.

“Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.”

— Paul Rand

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